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5% Nutrition Knocked The Fuck Out
5% Nutrition

5% Nutrition Knocked The Fuck Out

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There’s no such thing as overtraining. You’re either under eating or undersleeping.”  - Rich Piana

You can take all the supplements and protein powders on the market, but if you’re not recovering, you’re missing out on your true potential. Want maximum results from grinding away in the gym?Getting a deep restful sleep is key. It’s when the body is inactive and in a relaxed state that it can focus its energy on the rebuilding and repair process. 

Lucky for you, KTFO has the sleep part covered!

Studies have shown that without enough nightly sleep, stress hormones including insulin and cortisol increase, which can lead to increased fat storage and wasting muscle tissue. Losing sleep has a long term impact on hormones, metabolism, and immune function.That’s why without a good night’s rest, building muscle and burning fat will stall. 
We’ve put together the best combination of herbs, amino acids and natural ingredients to combat the causes of disrupted sleep - with hardcore lifters in mind.

To keep growing in and out of the gym, you need to rest as hard as you train. KTFO is formulated with amino acids, calming herbs, and brain feeders to promote deep sleep and serotonin production while recovering from the most intense training sessions. Get KTFO and live the dream!

Tina L 21-07-2020 00:21

If you have trouble winding down this is the product for you - sleep is improved and you wake up rested not hung over feeling

Melissa H 17-05-2020 20:42

Love this stuff. Helps me sleep at night when I can't normally. Take it before bed and you will literally KTFO. Thanks to the guys at the store for the recommendation! You guys rock!

Oscar M 11-05-2020 18:06

Sleeping has always been an issue. Not with this. KTFO helps me get to sleep when melatonin and medicine prescribed to me cannot do the trick. I don't know how 5% does it but they definitely get me anything I need. Whether you're training or just need sleep this product will do it for you. Don't miss out on it...sleep is super important.

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