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Alpha Lion Super Human Burn
Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Super Human Burn

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  • 500mg MitoBurn + 40mg CaloriBurn GP for Enhanced Calorie Burning & WAT Conversion
  • 100mg Cocoabuterol + 100mg Advantra Z for Enhanced Lypolysis
  • 100mg Dicaffeien Malate for Energy & Focus
If you’re looking to get lean, take a smarter approach with Alpha Lion Superhuman
Burn. Old school thermogenics just focus on stimming you out to make you feel like
it’s working but don’t address actual fat loss usually. Superhuman Burn is stacked to
the brim with novel and innovative ingredients for enhancing fat loss through
multiple pathways. Starting with MitoBurn and CaloriBurn GP, these two ingredients
convert white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue like cells (also known as
BRITE cells) and this enhances calorie burning. It also features ingredients including
Advantra Z and Cocoabuterol, ingredients that directly increase lipolysis and
metabolic rate and is rounded out with 100mg of Dicaffeine malate for energy and
focus from the tried and true stimulant, caffeine. Get ACTUAL fat loss with a smarter
approach in Alpha Lion SuperHuman Burn.

Key Benefits

  • Convert WAT into BAT for Enhanced Calorie Expenditure
  • Increase Rate of Lipolysis
  • Support Energy & Focus
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