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Hi-Tech Musclevite 180 Tablets
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Musclevite 180 Tablets

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Ever since the  advent of multivitamins in 1943, scientists and biochemists have been trying to create the ideal multivitamin for the masses and athletes alike. As we looked hard and long at what needed to be present and at what optimal doses were safe and most effective, Hi-Tech introduces what we consider an essential part of every person’s life, regardless of your level of exercise.

 Musclevite™ is the newest addition to the massive range of products for muscle recovery, supports weight loss and  overall health in the Hi-Tech lineup. This high potency and high performance multivitamin and multi-mineral is formulated with the proper amount of essential daily vitamins and the essential recovery ingredients  every active person needs. In addition, you’ll find Beta-Alanine and Carnitine to help increase energy in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

 Carnitine supplementation has shown to be an excellent catalyst for anaerobic and aerobic exercise, impacting our bodies overall ability to push through grueling training sessions. By transporting fatty-acids into cells for use as energy, Carnitine helps our body utilize both calories just taken in as well as stored fat.

Beta-alanine has shown in scientific studies to aid in the production of carnosine that our bodies turn to for additional fuel during times of high energy and high stress exercise. Musclevite™ contains the proper amounts of beta-alanine that produces Carnosine by helping reduce the byproduct build-up of energy expenditure; lactic acid. As our body creates energy, the waste from that energy production is often painful and temporarily debilitating condition that is only relieved by stopping exercise and allowing oxygen and glycogen to be replenished in the cells. Carnosine helps us push past those boundaries longer, allowing us to become stronger and better conditioned due to the increase in overall exercise.

Musclevite™ is the catalyst to allow your body to focus on recovery after long and grueling training sessions. It also serves as a very function anti-oxidant and allows our bodies the optimum ability to fully recover immediately preceding and for days to come after long and grueling cardio and anaerobic training.

Devlin White 06-09-2020 17:55

Get this for my husband and he loves it.

Josh Thompson 28-08-2020 00:09

Good multi. I don't take any other kind.

Danny M 28-05-2020 22:28

Been using for a while now. Really an over all complete multivitamin. I absolutely cannot recommend this enough. I feel great with it and notice a huge difference without it.

Brian 30-10-2019 20:18

Great product and these guys shipped it to my door in 2 days.

5 stars based on 4 reviews