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MAN Sports 783956106520
MAN Sports

MAN Sports 783956106520

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Duncan C 28-05-2020 18:17

Ran two cycles/bottles of Nolvadren XT and it was a breakthrough product for me. Before using Nolvadren XT I struggled to lose weight. After doing some research about how hormones and hormonal balance are related to weight loss, and getting into shape, I decided to try Nolvadren XT. This product got rid of my mid section estrogen bloat that I struggled to reduce with dieting and cardio. The first ten days into taking Nolvadren XT my joints felt a little sore due to drying out, but after that I had no issues. Within a week of taking Nolvadren XT I got stronger in the gym on my lifts and leaned out pretty good. I actually got the cleavage between my pecs as the product kicked in even more. Libido wise there was a boost, and overall improvement in erection quality. At the end of the second bottle I lost 6 lbs but could’ve lost more if I didn’t get lazy with cardio. But I did manage to get my midsection tight and make some modest gains. Overall, a good product that allowed me to get estrogen and cortisol under control to cut weight and build a little muscle.

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