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Banish Fatigue: Longer workouts, reduced soreness, faster recovery*

Citrulline is an amino acid that’s produced by the body to help with waste disposal and clearing the body of the toxic by-products of exercise like ammonia.

When excess levels of citrulline are present in the bloodstream (through supplementation), it signals your body to go into waste removal overdrive – increasing your body’s natural toxin-removal process through 100% natural means.3,5 Taken as a pre- or intra-workout supplement, citrulline has been show in numerous studies to drastically improve endurance and boost recover efforts.3,5


~50% More Reps*

A Spanish study in 2010 even found that participants using citrulline were able to achieve 50% more bench presses reps when working to muscle failure then their counterparts who didn’t.4 Even after doing more reps than their competitors, weight lifters who used citrulline reported less soreness and stiffness following their workouts.4


Vascularity, Pump, and Increased Nutrient Delivery

Citrulline is also a by-product of nitric oxide production – a vasodilator that increases circulation and blood flow. When elevated levels of citrulline are available in your bloodstream, your body immediately starts making more arginine available for nitric oxide production.1,2

With increased NO (nitric oxide) levels, you’ll not only feel a better pump and look more vascular, but your muscles will receive more nutrients and oxygen – allowing them to grow and recover at heightened speeds.

In short, citrulline clears your body and muscles of toxins while leading to the conditions that could spur quick muscle growth, faster recovery, and increased strength.*5


Stop Flushing Your Money Down the Drain

NutraKey has developed a citrulline formula that’s been micronized for better absorption and uptake by your body. Unlike some other supplements that essentially pass through your body unchanged, NutraKey’s formula means that each serving will provide greater amount of bioavailable citrulline for your body to consume – reducing fatigue and improving recovery in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Cynthia L 19-06-2020 22:26

Great product to increase N. O. Gives a great volumizing pump to the muscles.

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