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The Minerals you’ve Been Missing: Sleep deeper, recover faster, and increase muscle mass*

While NutraKey’s Z-Optima is just a simple mineral formula, supplementing with zinc and magnesium have long been known as on the most effective ways to increase lean muscle mass, speed up recovery, and boost male hormone. From professional athletes to amateur bodybuilders, the Z-Optima formula is one of the least-contested and most effective supplements on the market.

Sleep Deep, Recover Faster

Primarily used to help promote recovery and growth while sleeping, Z-Optima does far more than provide your body with the necessary ingredients for muscle repair and a good night’s rest.

By stimulating the activity of enzymes throughout the body, zinc has been found to be a critical component of protein synthesis and the recovery/growth process of muscle and connective tissue damaged or stressed by intense exercise. The addition of magnesium – an essential mineral involved in virtually all functions and areas of the body – is believed to further increase muscle size, strength, fat loss, and overall health.

Studies have also demonstrated the ability of magnesium to normalize and extend stage 3 and stage 4 slow-wave sleep. This not only results in better-perceived quality of sleep, but extends the period of time when growth hormone is thought to be released at the fastest rate.

An Anabolic Powerhouse

While the ingredients in Z-Optima are not meant to directly promote male hormone and hormone production, athletes supplementing with this formula have experienced as much as a 30% increases in male hormone levels and a 5% increase in insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) over several weeks of use. Athletes taking a placebo actually saw these hormone levels decrease by 10% and 20%, respectively, over the same time period.

Furthermore, during the same study, those taking the Z-Optima formula experienced nearly 2.5x more strength gains and reported much better sleep than those taking a placebo.

Take Your Workouts To New Heights

With the added metabolic benefits of vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc supplementation is important and effective for healthy growth in both athletes and bodybuilders alike. NutraKey’s Z-Optima formula has been clinically proven to significantly increase anabolic hormone levels, increase both free and total male hormone, boost muscle strength, and promote deep, replenishing sleep.

James P 06-07-2020 22:05

Good product! I really enjoyed using these! Helped me sleep better and helped with muscle recovery!

Cam Suta 22-06-2020 22:18

Works for me when I'm not super tired and there is no hangover like melatonin if you get less than 8 hours. As far as the muscle recover, better sleep results in quicker recover.

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