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Mother Earth Labs PH Balancer Liquid Alkalizing Red Formula Quart Dispencer
Mother Earth Labs

Mother Earth Labs PH Balancer Liquid Alkalizing Red Formula Quart Dispencer

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pHBALANCER™ Alkalizing Red Formula, our most Dynamic Formula, helps reverse chronic acidity and inflammation that promote chronic disease. With a base of The Gift and Comprehensive Wellness, pHBALANCER™ delivers best-in-class nutrition too!


  • pHBALANCER includes The Gift from Mother Earth Humic and Fulvic and the baseline of the minerals, elements, and vitamins they naturally carry.
  • pHBALANCER also includes COMPREHENSIVE WELLNESS providing over 310 of the Earth’s finest natural ingredients. You can’t buy a better multivitamin, multimineral whole food supplement for nutritional support.
  • pHBALANCER also includes OsteoWellness – Nutrition Formula, providing extra minerals and co-factors such as vitamin K2 and extra vitamin D3 to support healthy mineral metabolism.
  • pHBALANCER also includes a Special Alkalizing Group that includes important elements such as minerals, vitamins, herbals, and botanicals known to help balance the pH of the body.

All of this in a single product!

Erica Rockwell 21-01-2021 00:31

Look forward to taking this everyday. Nice natural energy boost and makes me feel so much better overall. Two day shipping from here also allowed me to get my husband one for his birthday.

Elaine M. 22-10-2020 23:48

USN is the first place I ever saw this product and I’m blown away. I take it every morning and the results are amazing! Much better than a multivitamin, it gives me lots of energy, and my joints even feel better. I ordered online and it shipped right away. Great customer service.

Paublo Schrieber 18-10-2020 18:32

This stuff is amazing. Take it every day and you'll feel like a completely dfferent person.

Even Chicone 09-10-2020 19:05

This stuff is great man. It smells like strawberry poptarts and tastes good. Drink plenty of water on it or you'll have some rough bathroom trips though

Roy Risinger 03-09-2020 21:24

Such a healthy and better alternative to Multi's.

Lyndsee Deroche 05-08-2020 21:34

Makes me feel so much better. It's a multi, yes, but the GI complex in here helps me so much.

Michael Devino 25-07-2020 16:56

Can't say enough about this. All in one supplement. Gives me good clean energy and no crash too!

Kari H 08-07-2020 22:44

Every morning I take this now. If I don't I feel groggy and need a nap during the day. I can't go without it.

Daniel Powell 04-07-2020 01:35

Good product. I take it in the morning and it gives me perfect energy to get through the day. It helps my joints feel good too since I suffer from a degernative disease.

Guy Foote 24-05-2020 17:24

I have been using Mother Earth Labs products for over a year now and I highly recommend them to anyone that has been feeling sluggish or having a problem with regularity. In my mind there are no better products that I can find and believe me, I’ve looked. Thank you.

Brian P 03-05-2020 19:54

This product is AMAZING. Everything you could ever need in one place! I've taken it for about a month now and I've noticed a huge difference in the way I feel every day now. I feel great and I don't need to worry about a ton of products for vitamins and minerals. THIS IS THE BEST!!!!

Debbie 30-10-2019 20:31

I love this product and these guys. Great customer service.

5 stars based on 12 reviews