Alpha Lion SuperHuman® Protein - Cocoa Buffs
Alpha Lion SuperHuman® Protein - Cocoa Buffs
Alpha Lion SuperHuman® Protein - Cocoa Buffs

Alpha Lion SuperHuman® Protein - Cocoa Buffs

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Alpha Lion SuperHuman® Protein - Cocoa Buffs

Alpha Lion SuperHuman® Protein - Cocoa Buffs


Alpha Lion SuperHuman® Protein - Cocoa Buffs




100% whey protein isolate that's a blessing for your muscle growth and your stomach. With enhanced purity and digestive enzymes, Superhuman Protein eliminates the traditional bloating and gas we all know and hate. 6 mouth-watering flavors that'll make your taste buds and your gains go crazy.

  • Supports Lean Muscle Growth
  • Helps Promote Healthy Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Supports Muscle Recovery
  • Helps Promote Protein Digestion with DigeZyme®
  • Helps Promote Protein Absorption with AstraGin®
  • 25g of Pure Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate
  • Utilizes Cross-flow Microfiltration Process




Fully Disclosed Formula. Premium Trademarked Ingredients.

Backed by Research for Maximum Effectiveness!

We take pride in our Full Label Disclosure, so you see the exact amount of EVERY active ingredient used inside, which means:

  • No Proprietary Blends (aka full transparency)
  • Scientifically-studied, premium ingredients
  • And most importantly… No BS!

Our supplements are driven by breakthrough innovation. No bottom shelf, generic stuff.

No proprietary blends. No secrets. You deserve to know exactly what's in every supplement.

We don't believe in bro science. Our formulas are rooted in actual science and research.
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Superhuman Protein is the elite choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to maximize their muscle growth after workouts. Each serving is packed with 25 grams of pure undenatured protein, as well as a trademarked blend of digestive enzymes to help your body absorb and digest the protein. With six delicious flavors to choose from, you'll be able to fuel your body with the support it needs for lean muscle growth and recovery.

Our whey protein isolate is made with Glanbia's Provon® 290 SFL premium quality protein source, and goes through a rigorous cross-flow microfiltration process to ensure maximum purity. The result is 28 servings of the purest, smoothest protein available. As Ron Burgundy would say, "It's science."

Goodbye bloating! Say hello to a healthy digestive system with DigeZyme® – a trademarked blend of 5 powerful enzymes: amylase, protease, lactase, lipase, and cellulase. These enzymes help your body break down molecules into simpler units that can be more easily absorbed, promoting optimal digestion. No more feeling sluggish and bloated after a workout – with DigeZyme®, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So, say bye bye bloating with DigeZyme®!

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Our formula includes AstraGin®, a powerful ingredient that helps promote protein absorption in the body. This means that when you take a serving of our protein powder, your body is primed to absorb as many nutrients as possible. This not only helps you get the most out of every scoop, but it also helps to compound results faster.

Whether you're trying to build muscle or recover from a tough workout, our protein powder can give your depleted muscles the boost they need to supercharge growth. So if you want to get more out of every scoop, give SUPERHUMAN PROTEIN a try and see the difference for yourself.

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