REDCON1 Double Tap

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REDCON1 Double Tap

REDCON1 Double Tap


REDCON1 Double Tap



2 forms of caffeine for extreme energy
2-aminoisoheptane suppresses appetite and releases 'feel good' hormones
Non-stimulant theacrine delivers energy, motivation and elevates mood to keep you on your track
Contains green tea extract for elevated lipid oxidation
Acetyl l-carnitine improves the mitochondrial ability of breaking down fat cells


Double Tap by Redcon1 is a formula mainly aimed to improve lipolysis, elevating mood & well being, and increasing energy levels during your cutting periods. Herbal ingredients such as green tea extract improve lipid oxidation as well as offer a large number of other health benefits such as optimising cardiovascular health, anti-obesity, anti-carcinogenic and aiding liver protection to name a few. Stimulants such as caffeine and di-caffeine malate stimulate the central nervous system which in turn increases energy, improves alertness and focus thus keeping you on track on achieving your fitness goals.


Double Tap is most effective during calorie deficit diets where one is consuming less calories than the body requires to function optimally, forcing it to find an alternative source of energy, which in this case would be stored body fat. It can also be used during bulking phases to inhibit the excess gain of body fat when aiming to gain lean muscle mass. Since it contains high amount of stimulant ingredients, it is not recommended to be consumed late in the afternoon or evening as it may interfere with your sleep.


Double Tap is suitable for anyone looking for a stimulant-based fat burning formula which not only improves lipolysis but also provides a burst of energy and elevates your mood.


Due to its success, Redcon1 have formulated a capsular version of the fat burning product Double Tap giving the customers the option of either the powdered version, making it a nice tasting beverage to be enjoyed throughout the day, or the capsule version which is more convenient and is easier to consume. There is however, a slight difference between them where the powdered version contains more active ingredients than the capsules. Nevertheless, both products are great and effective aids in your journey to fat loss.

Increased fat burning and appetite suppression

Double Tap wouldn't be an effective product if its main goal wasn't based around improving the body's ability to incinerate stubborn fat and suppress appetite which luckily for you, it does. The 3 main ingredients found in this product that do exactly that are acetyl l-carnitine, green tea extract and 2-aminoisoheptane.

L-carnitine is an ingredient found in nearly every fat burning product on the market which has been shown to effectively alleviate the ageing of mitochondria thus improving their ability to break down fat cells as well as increasing insulin sensitivity thus improving the body's ability to effectively absorb glucose from the blood into the muscles rather than storing it as fat.

Green tea extract is another ingredient commonly found in fat burning products on the market and quite rightly so! The sheer amount of benefits found from consuming green tea catechins is insane. It has been shown to benefit nearly every single organ in the body being cardioprotective, neuroprotective, anti-obesity, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic, liver protective, improving blood vessel health and the list goes on. In this instance, green tea catechins increase lipid oxidation and improving insulin sensitivity thus promoting the uptake of glucose into the muscles rather than being stored as fat.

Last but not least is 2-aminoisoheptane which is also known as DMHA. This is a compound very similar to DMBA and ephedrine that stimulates the central nervous system much like caffeine does, however DMHA not only increases energy levels and improves alertness but also suppresses the appetite which is a major help during cutting periods when food intake in lower than normal. In terms of fat loss, with DMHA not only does it suppress appetite but increases energy thus giving you the drive to get you through the day.

Extreme energy and mental focus

Double Tap is a very comprehensive formula which promotes fat loss via multiple pathways both direct and indirect. It directly promotes fat loss by increasing fatty acid oxidation, improving insulin sensitivity and suppressing appetite but also boosts energy levels, improves alertness and elevates mood which indirectly affects fat loss by keeping you on track to hit your fitness goals.

Caffeine and di-caffeine malate are the most common ingredients found in numerous products within the industry ranging from pre-workouts to fat burning supplements and there is a scientific reason for this. Caffeine is an anti-sleep compound which is usually extracted from coffee beans which has been shown to antagonise adenosine receptors within the brain. Adenosine causes sedation when it is acted upon its receptors, and caffeine inhibits this action thus improving alertness and wakefulness. This action by caffeine also directly affects the 'feel good' hormones dopamine and serotonin which in turn elevates mood, hence the reason why coffee is such a popular drank first thing in the morning.

Theacrine is a non-stimulant ingredient which has been shown to boost energy, enhance mental clarity, improve motivation levels and elevate mood. Unlike caffeine, theacrine does not elevate heart rate or blood pressure since it is not a stimulant.

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