5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow - Ultimate Sport Nutrition
5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow - Ultimate Sport Nutrition
5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow - Ultimate Sport Nutrition

5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow

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5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow 

Fuel your body with 5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow and feel your muscles recover faster while you sleep. This powerful supplement contains amino acids and a growth hormone-boosting complex to help you maximize your results from the diet, training, and rest you put in. 

Drink Sleep Grow Nighttime Aminos Benefits

  • 6g of BCAA With Time-Released Leucine
  • 3,600mg of Growth Hormone Recovery Blend
  • 600mg Joint Support Blend
  • Aids In Recovery
  • Aids in Boosting Muscle Growth

What is Rich Piana Drink Sleep Grow?

5% Nutrition Rich Piana Drink Sleep Grow is a nighttime amino supplement with time-released Aminos and a growth hormone-boosting complex! This helps support your body at night when sleeping to aid in recovery and help boost your muscle-building properties. To keep your gains, you need to make sure you recover properly!

How Does Drink Sleep Grow Nighttime Aminos Work?

Rich Piana Drink Sleep Grow Nighttime Aminos has a 5 recovery blend to help your body recover faster and better, maintaining gains and protecting your muscles.

BCAA Blend

With this blend, you get your main three: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These three make up around 30% of your body's muscle protein! So it's essential to have more of it when you recover so your body has what it needs to do so.

Growth Hormone Recovery Blend

This blend contains Glutamine, GABA, and Mucuna Pruriens Extract. Glutamine is a recovery agent. GABA is an inhibitor of your nervous system! GABA is responsible for muscle tone regulation. Lastly, Mucuna Pruriens Extract is an herbal supplement used to lower stress. That is super important because when working out, your body goes through a lot of stress, which can cause side effects.

Conditionally Essential Amino Acid Blend

Carnitine, Tartrate, and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. These are your fat-burning properties and recovery agents. The more, the merrier, right?

Joint Support Blend

You get D-Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium and MSM in this blend. This blend helps the joints and is incredibly fluid around them. This can aid in inflammation and pain, along with protection.

Essential Amino Acid Blend

You get L-Phenylalanine, L-Histidine, and L-ThreoL-phenylalaninehionine in this blend. These all work together to provide support in the recovery process. All these Aminos play a factor in protein and can boost protein synthesis because these Aminos make up proteins' DNA!

5% Drink Sleep Grow Directions

One scoop with 16 oz. of water before bedtime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
William R. Harrison

I Have Used Drink Sleep Grow For Over A Year And Find It Helps Me Sleep Deeply Even After An Intense Evening Workout, And I 've Noticed My Recovery Time Is Shortened. Those That Are Not Used To The Fermented Odor Might Be Bothered Somewhat. That In No Way Impairs The Product's Efficacy. Those Who Have Spent Time In East Asia Will Recognize The Smell As It Is Similar To Japanese Miso Or Korean Doenjang (된장). Both Lemon-Lime And Sweet Tea Have A Pleasant Taste.

Mister Smith

I Ordered this...because I Like Watermelon Flavor Drinks/Performance drinks.this Is A Fluffy Slightly Pink Colored Powder, Typical Of The Texture Of Bcaa Drink powders.the Directions Suggest Mixing One Scoop With 12 - 16 Ounces Of Water And Drinking 30 Minutes Before bed.i Took A Not Shaker Bottle With A 20 Ounce Capacity And Filled It Half way.i Poured One Scoop Of This Over The Water, Capped The Bottle And Shook it.this Mixed Quickly And easily.i Then Topped Up The Bottle To A Full 20 ounces.at That Product/Water Ratio, I Would Call The Sweetness About A 5 - 5.5 On A Scale Of 10.because I Used More Water Than Suggested, The Watermelon Flavor Is There But Low Key; If You Made Me Do A Blind Taste Test, It Would Be Hit And Miss If I Could Identify It As Watermelon; I Just Like A 20 Ounce drink..made As A 12 Ounce Drink, I Would Call The Sweetness Level Somewhere Between 7 - 8.the Intensity Of The Flavor Is Jacked Up Also, But I Still Can't Perceive It As Watermelon; Maybe You can..i Usually Don't Need An Assist To Help Me Sleep, Though I Do Take A Magnesium Supplement Near Bed Time To Help Me Relax, And Always Have A Bcaa Drink Going As Part Of My Strength Training Supplement regime.like Most Powdered Products, This Comes With The Container Only Half full.it Doesn't Bother Me, I'm Used To It, But Some People Feel Like They're Being Cheated. You're Only Being Cheated If They Don't Provide The Number Of Ounces/Grams That The Label Says You'll Be Getting (But It Does Seem A Waste Of Plastic).The Label Also Instructs Us Not To Mix With Other Sleep Aids, Alcohol, Etc, Not To Drive Or Operate Heavy Machinery And That Sort Of Thing; Just A Heads Up For you.i Wanted To Test How This Would Affect Me With Regard To Causing Drowsiness So I Drank It In The Early Evening. Made As The 20 Ounce Drink, I Didn't Notice Myself Becoming Sleepy, Nor Did I Perceive Myself Unable To drive.i've Given This An Overall 4 Star Rating Based On *Perceived* Quality Of ingredients.appreciate That This Has No Sugar But Tastes Like It does.i Hope This Review Has Enabled You To Make An Informed Purchase decision.i Rarely Give An Overall 5 Star Rating.


I Like The Product It Puts Me In Deep Sleep Doesn't Keep Me Up At All .I Have No Complaints Great Product Flavor Is Great Doesn't Have Sugary Taste Either Absorb Well In Water Or Juice


I Have Bought This Already About Five Times Love The Pump It Gives You !!!


Mixing:mixes Easily, Even In A Shaker bottle.taste:this Doesn't Taste As Good As True Southern Sweet Tea, But I Enjoy The taste.formulation:based Off The Claims This Product Makes, The Formulation Really Doesn't Match The claims.if You Go Through The Listed Ingredients, The Dosing Is Very Low For Listed Ingredients Proven To Work. Then There's A Whole Mess Of Ingredients That Make Little Sense For A Product Like this.sleeping:this Mix Didn't Help Me To Sleep. Also, A Serving Size Of This Is A Bit Much To Be Drinking Just Before bed.gains:i Didn't Observe Any Gains, Even After Finishing The Entire mix.bottom Line:i Didn't Feel/Observe Any Of The Listed Benefits Of This Mix. It Tastes Great, But I'm Not Sure It Truly Works.3 Stars

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