Dragon Pharma DR. FEAAR® - Ultimate Sport Nutrition
Dragon Pharma DR. FEAAR® - Ultimate Sport Nutrition
Dragon Pharma DR. FEAAR® - Ultimate Sport Nutrition

Dragon Pharma DR. FEAAR®

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Advanced Full-Spectrum EAA Matrix

Dragon Pharma DR. FEAAR® is here to change how you think about amino acid supplementation. With research comes innovation, and with innovation comes DR. FEAAR®, the complete amino acid matrix formula that utilizes a powerful 4:1:1 ratio of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) as well as the remaining essential amino acids (EAA) for a complete amino acid spectrum. It also features the novel ingredient Peak02 to deliver a comprehensive solution for preventing muscle breakdown, increasing training capacity, and speeding exercise recovery.

For years, BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) supplements reigned as king, and rightfully so, with strong research data supporting the key role they play. However, these supplements utilizing BCAAs alone need to include something essential. They need EAA (Essential Amino Acids) in the formula, which can short-change optimal effectiveness!

Regardless of your goal, DR. FEAAR® is the uncompromising solution for maximizing your results and is perfect for those who demand the most out of their EAA supplements. The complete amino acid matrix of DR. FEAAR® contains both BCAA and EAA, a crucial aspect of formulation that maximizes protein synthesis, supports lean muscle, improves glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity, decreases post-training soreness, and prevents muscle breakdown.

How to Use

We recommend mixing 1 scoop of your favorite DR. FEAAR® flavor with 10-12 fl. oz of cold water—drink before, during, or after your workout. For maximum performance, consume one serving of VENOM® Pre-workout, followed by DR. FEAAR® with intra and post-workout.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I take this for muscle recovery. I don’t have any soreness on weight training days when I take this. Flavor is pretty good.

S. Villagran

It will cost you a $1.50 per daily serving for this costly essential animo acid (EAA) powder supplement drink mix.you do get a 1 month supply (30 day supply) for a EAA supplement product that simply isn’t worth the price.


Pink Dragon is definitely on the tangy side but it's really good and makes my mouth water. I could easily mistake this for regular drink powders. The ingredients are clean and helpful for muscles and hydration. I've been using this in the afternoon for strong workouts.


Let me start by saying this. I am not a weight lifter or bodybuilder. I am just a 56 year old male that has recently got back into trying to get into shape. I drank this as a pre-workout regimen every time I worked out. I can honestly say that I did not notice any change in my workout. The week that I started, was the same week that I increased the weight and repetitions. It was also the same week that I increased my aerobic workout. Now what I can say is that this stuff taste great.

Dale Nolan

I ordered the "DRAGON PHARMA Dr. FEAAR® Advanced Full-Spectrum EAA Matrix" This is great for preworkouts but without all the added caffeine. This has a great combination of supplements to help you have a good workout and also help in your recovery as well. The raspberry lemonade taste is ok. Not as good as I was hoping it would be but if you’ve ever had bcaas before you know it usually tastes like garbage so this one is actually pretty good in comparison. Definitely not as good as most of my normal pre-workouts but I’d say the best BCAA that I’ve had. Only problem I had is that the container is actually filled to the top so after using it the first time I had a hard time getting the scoop back in so that I could put the lid on, certainly not a big enough problem to take off a star though.

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