Mother Earth Labs Live Active - Core Daily - Ultimate Sport Nutrition
Mother Earth Labs Live Active - Core Daily - Ultimate Sport Nutrition

Mother Earth Labs Live Active - Core Daily

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Don’t Let Declining Health Get In The Way Of Living Your Best Life

You ask a lot of your body. An active lifestyle puts maximum stress on your joints, cells, immune system, and more.

You see, as we age, our body’s cells start to lose function gradually.

When cells begin to lose function, the outward signs of aging start to appear rapidly, including everything from wrinkles to energy levels, brain fog, and more.

This Affects Metabolism, Cellular Energy Production, And Much More.

Hundreds of the body’s chemical processes start to fall apart without the right nutritional support.

These changes happen in response to nearly every choice you make, together with the Standard American Diet, activity levels, prescription medications you may be taking, injuries, environmental pollution, lack of adequate quality sleep, the ongoing stress you’re enduring, and much more.

When this process happens faster than it should, that’s called accelerated aging.

Accelerated aging increases the risk factor for many chronic diseases.

But don’t worry.

You don’t have to give up your car keys, hobbies, and independence. There are ways to turn back the clock by supporting your body with the right nutrition and supplements.

By targeting the underlying mechanisms of aging, it is possible to slow down the hands of time.

Don’t let anything stop you from discovering new hobbies, new experiences, and living a meaningful life - at any age...

So you can live the good life you've worked so hard for.

Continue to enjoy golf, pickleball, shopping, dancing, dining with friends, and more on your terms - in optimum health.

Support Your Active Life Today For All The Tomorrows Ahead

On some days you may feel like you’re slower to get going in the morning. You may be fighting off aches and pains throughout the day, even if you exercise regularly and make healthy diet choices.

Many of those aches and pains could be a sign of inflammation. Inflammation is an essential part of your body’s healing process. But if it continues too long, it may lead to chronic inflammation, which is bad inflammation that can significantly impact your health.

In fact, Time magazine declared inflammation is “The #1 Secret Killer".

As scientists delve deeper into the underlying causes of many health issues, they are starting to see links to inflammation and many diseases as a result of chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is difficult to spot, which can lead to a spiral of more and more inflammation, making every potential health problem far more dangerous.

It usually goes unnoticed before it builds up and strikes without warning. It can sometimes show itself as fatigue, joint pain, or stiffness.

But Inflammation is Only Part of The Problem…

An active lifestyle requires the right fuel to perform at its very best.

Adding just any supplement to reduce inflammation and super fuel the body can be a costly mistake. Most are made from synthetics…

But the worst part is that synthetics are not recognized or accessible by the body. As a result, the body must undergo a complex conversion process in order to attempt to use them at all.

Our bodies then have no choice but to treat these synthetic vitamins as toxins that need to be removed in the process adding strain to our natural detoxification pathways.

Super fueling the body with rich whole food nutrients that work together as a system is the best way to reduce unwanted inflammation and support healthy cellular function.

Just like the different parts of a car, they all work altogether. If you just have an engine and a tire, there’s no way you’ll get where you need to go without the other parts. Nutrients work the same way in the human body.

Without the proper form of vitamin supplement, the body is not able to run on all cylinders. Activated vitamins are the only form that can support overall health and performance.

The activated form is like the key that opens the lock that makes them work in the body.

Without the right key, the beneficial chemical reaction in the body is just not going to happen and you won’t get the results you’re expecting.

The complex synergistic relationships between activated vitamins and the body is beneficial in nearly every area of health.


  • Energy levels
  • Cell health
  • Growth of red blood cells
  • Good eyesight
  • Healthy brain function
  • Good digestion
  • Proper nerve function

Plus, the body can now use all the energy it would have used to convert a synthetic vitamin to other biological processes needed for overall health and wellbeing.

These processes include supporting energy, stamina, vitality, maintaining a good metabolism, and much more.

Finally an All-in-One Solution For The Active You

Our Live Active Core Daily all-in-one solution contains activated vitamins, so your body can skip the conversion step...

Saving all the energy the body would have to use to convert a synthetic vitamin.

This means that the body can use that energy on other processes for overall health and well-being.

Plus it’s also formulated to:

  • Reduce inflammation to improve overall health as well as bone and joint health with MSM, shown to improve symptoms of pain and joint function in a clinical trial. 1
  • Provide all the essential amino acids – the building blocks the body needs for healthy lean muscle tissue.
  • Include fatty acids and phospholipids essential for our nervous system and brain health.
  • Give the body metabolic vitamins, minerals, and essential cofactors to support a healthy metabolism.
  • Support both vision and heart health with organic Vitamin A Complex.
  • Include the biologically available and active form of High-Potency Vitamin B Complex for Energy and Focus.
  • Include powerful alkalizing greens and essential herbs that support the organs involved in detoxification such as your liver and kidneys.
  • Provide REAL whole food vitamin C and plentiful antioxidants and phytonutrients our bodies need to produce and regulate essential immune cells.
  • Also, Live Active Core Daily helps fight oxidative stress and keep your immune system functioning at its best.

Try Live Active Core Daily today and reach your full potential with optimal energy, stamina, and vitality!

It’s the all-in-one product that simply works.

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