NutraBio Beta Alanine Powder

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NutraBio Beta Alanine Powder

Beta-alanine is a lactic acid buffer that increases training capacity, allowing you to train harder and longer. Weight training and athletic activities cause your body to produce lactic acid. This causes muscle pH to drop and become more acidic due to the large amount of hydrogen ions produced. As muscle pH drops, your muscle's ability to perform at its peak level decreases. Beta-alanine increases muscle carnosine levels, which works as a muscle buffer by soaking up these extra hydrogen ions. In scientific studies, beta-alanine has been shown to increase strength, power output, endurance, exercise capacity, and muscle mass and delay the onset of neuromuscular fatigue. Beta-Alanine is perfect for anyone who practices a sport where strength, power, and endurance are needed.

Beta-alanine boosts muscle endurance and strength:

Beta-alanine increases intra-muscular Carnosine concentrations, improving working capacity and performance by up to 20%. Scientific research has demonstrated that Beta-Alanine taken with creatine monohydrate produced additional synergistic effects, including fat-free mass gain, increased strength, and increased body fat reductions. Beta-alanine will give you a more effective workout and is an excellent addition to your supplement regimen.

Much of Beta-allanine's beneficial effects come from increasing carnosine synthesis, a powerful intracellular buffer. Carnosine is found in both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers, though in significantly higher concentrations in type 2 fibers (the fibers we use in high-intensity strength workouts and which are most responsive to growth). Muscle cells rely on buffers like carnosine to avoid becoming acidic (low pH) during exercise to function effectively. For muscles to remain strong and maintain powerful contractions, they need to be in an optimal pH range. If the pH drops below that optimal level, your muscles will have significantly less strength and fatigue more quickly.

You know the pH drops when you feel that familiar lactic acid burn in your muscles. Lactic acid builds up primarily due to increased hydrogen ions, which build up when you exercise. Beta-alanine helps increase carnosine, which acts to buffer lactic acid and return the pH level within muscle cells to optimum levels.

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